Unified Incident and Component Workflow

We're excited to announce that a new workflow is coming soon to Statuspage! With this improvement, the experience of managing Incidents and Component statuses will be unified into one seamless flow, making it easier than ever to show your users the full picture of your current service status. Here's a quick look at the changes you can expect to see soon.

When creating a new Incident, you directly associate the Affected Components and update their status, all in one step. By unifying the Incident and Component Status steps, you can be sure that your page is an accurate reflection of service health, with all the relevant context.

Dashboard - Create Incident

As you work through your Incident, you can add new Components or override the Incident Impact in case the problems are wider reaching than initially detected. As services begin to recover, you can set those Components back to Operational even if the Incident is still ongoing.

Incident - Update Incident

As you add updates to your Incident, you can see at a glance what information you shared with your users, which Components were affected, and if notifictions were sent to subscribers or synced to Twitter. Need to tweak the body text or exact timestamp for an update? Hover over an update and click the pencil icon to bring up the editing options.

Incident - Edit Updates

Scheduled Maintenance

Your Maintenance events are still created in the same way as before, and the automation options are available on all subscription levels. But now you may set a time duration, down to the minute, instead of Start and End times at 15 minute intervals.

Scheduled Maintenance - Create Maintenance


Need to change the status of a Component, but don't want to create an entire Incident to do so? In the Components section, you can Edit any item and set it's status directly.

Components - Edit Status

Summary of Changes
  • Incident and Component updates are a unified workflow.
  • More flexible time frames for Scheduled Maintenance events, and Automation Options available for all subscription tiers.
  • Components are no longer updated on the “Dashboard” page. Component statuses are intended to be updated through the unified Incident process. If a Component's status needs to be updated outside of an Incident, this can be done in the Components section by clicking Edit for any entry.
  • Component Group status can no longer be overridden. Component Groups are presented as an organizational tool, and may only display the aggregate status of it's children.
  • The flow for creating an Incident is now the same experience regardless of whether the Component Subscriptions feature is enabled. All users will see the Affected Components list on the Incident creation screen, as this is what unifies Component status into the workflow. It is important to note that at least one entry in the Affected Components list must be checked in order for notifications to be sent out to subscribers.