Pipe Activity Log into Stride

Keep your Team informed of issues and updates by piping Statuspage updates right into your Stride rooms.

To install the Statuspage integration, click the Apps button, then the + icon to open the Marketplace.

Open Stride App Marketplace

Click on the Statuspage for Stride integration, and select which Stride room to integrate with.

Statuspage for Stride Integration

Select Room

Once installed to your room, click "Log in to Statuspage" and you'll be directed to your browser to log in with your Team Member credentials.

Log in to Statuspage
Website Login
Logged In

Configuring Filters

Back in Stride, click the new Statuspage App then the Gear icon to configure which pages you want to receive updates from, and configure your notification filters.

Configure Notifications

Note that these filters only impact which messages are sent into the Stride room itself. All pages in the Organization will still be visible and reflect their current status in the sidebar view.

Updates and Sidebar