API Deprecation - December 12, 2018

As part of ongoing work to improve our API, we need to decommission API versions that are no longer being actively maintained. On December 12, 2018 there are three sets of API endpoints that will be taken offline:

  • Manage API - v0
  • Manage API - v2
  • Status API - v1

At that time, there will be two sets of officially supported API endpoints remaining:

What actions are required before December 12?

Manage API - v0 users:

In order to migrate from v0 to v1, you need to change the first part of that address to the v1 API, and refer to a page code instead of an organization code. Once you do this, you may notice a few additional fields show up, but all the existing fields will be the same.

https://api.statuspage.io/v0/organizations/:org_id/incidents.json => https://api.statuspage.io/v1/pages/:page_id/incidents.json

Manage API - v2 users:

In order to migrate to the maintained API, you will first need to change the first part of that address to point to the v1 API. Once you do this, you may notice that, depending on the endpoint you were accessing, the format may change slightly.

https://api.statuspage.io/v2/pages/:page_id/incidents.json => https://api.statuspage.io/v1/pages/:page_id/incidents.json

Status API - v1:

The good news is the migration path for you is very straight forward! All you need to do is switch the characters from 'v1' to 'v2' in the API endpoint.

https://:page_id.statuspage.io/api/v1/summary.json => https://:page_id.statuspage.io/api/v2/summary.json

How are we communicating these changes?

We want to get the word out through as many avenues as possible, so we'll be:

  • Tweeting through https://twitter.com/statuspage
  • Making mention in upcoming newsletters
  • Directly emailing the Owners of Statuspage accounts
  • Short 20 minute API brownouts once a month, where a temporary HTTP 503 responses will be returned from the deprecating endpoints with important information