You can have Statuspage automatically tweet updates when you create or update an incident.

To do this, you'll need to activate the Twitter add-on in the Apps section. Once you do that, you can Edit your Twitter settings from the Apps section at any time.

Link Twitter Account

Navigate to the Tweet Updates tab in the left navigation and click Authenticate With Twitter.

Update Twitter Settings

Once you authenticate your Twitter account, you can configure a few settings, including...

  • Tweet by default or do not tweet by default when creating an incident
  • Prepend the Tweet with some text such as [status]
  • Add a custom Twitter card image (the default image used is the Statuspage logo)

 Note: Custom Twitter card images will not show up if your page is in Trial mode.

Tweet Updates

Statuspage automatically prepends the update with your designated Tweet prepender and the current incident stage (Investigating | Identified | Monitoring | Resolved)

Twitter update

Here's what this looks like on the Twitter side.

Twitter UI