Bitium is a single-sign on provider, which makes it easy to manage your SaaS application logins and permissions. Statuspage is available within the Bitium app catalog, making it easy to manage and provision access to your account.

If you are interested in upgrading to an SSO enabled plan, please contact your account rep, or send us an email at

Follow the instructions below to enable SSO for your Statuspage account.

Start in your Statuspage Admin Page

These instructions will allow admin access to your Statuspage account using Bitium as an Identity Provider. Please note that for this setup to be complete, you must first be an existing admin for your Statuspage account.

  1. Log into status page, and navigate to Team Members. Click on the Single Sign-on tab to access your SSO settings. If you do not see this tab, SSO has not been enabled for your account, you can contact us for help!

  1. Once you have opened this tab, you'll see the SSO configuration form. Here, you'll see two values; ACS URL / Consumer URL and EntityID/Audience URI. These values will be needed in Bitium's admin. Alternately you can click on service provider metadata XML file for this Organization to see the raw SAML metadata.

  1. If you prefer to work with raw metadata, click service provider metadata XML file for this Organization.

Continue to the Bitium Admin Portal

Setting up the Application
  1. Once you have logged into your Bitium Admin portal, click on the Manage button in the top nav bar for your organization, and then click on Manage Apps.

  2. In the top right corner, click on Add More Apps. You'll see a search box, so search for Statuspage, and add the app to your Bitium account.

  3. Here we'll start configuring SSO. First, select a name for yoiur page, then select SAML Authentication from the dropdown menu. Once you're done, click on Install App.

  4. On the next screen, click on Configure Single Sign-On.

  5. Here, we'll exchange a few values between Bitium and Statuspage. First, fill in the EntityID Field in Bitium with the value from EntityID/AudinceURI in your Statuspage admin. Then, copy the Login URL and Certificate values from Bitium, and paste them into the SSO Target URL and Certificate fields (respectively), in your Statuspage Admin. When you're finished these steps, click on Save Configuration in your Statuspage Admin, and Change Provider in Bitium.

  6. Finally, you'll need to add some users to your app in Bitium. To do this, click on Assign Users in the top right of your Bitium Admin, add the desired users, and click on Done

Congratulations! You've now configured SSO for Statuspage using Bitium as an Identity Provider.

Bitium's Documentation can be seen here: