Statuspage is available within the Okta app catalog, making it easy to manage and provision access to your account.

Follow the instructions below to enable SSO Employee Viewership for your Statuspage account.

Start in your Statuspage Settings Page

  1. Log into status page, and navigate to Manage Account. Click on the Page Audience tab to access your SSO settings. If you do not see this tab, SSO for Employee Viewers has not been enabled for your account, you can contact us for help!

Page Audience

  1. Scroll down to Using SAML. On top of this form, you'll see two values; ACS URL / Consumer URL and EntityID/Audience URI. These values will be needed within your IdP. Alternately you can click on service provider metadata XML file for this Organization to see the raw SAML metadata.


  1. If you prefer to work with raw metadata, click service provider metadata XML file for this Organization.

Continue Setup Within Okta

  1. Within Okta's admin dashboard, navigate to Applications -> Add Application. Search for 'Statuspage' and you should see 'Statuspage SAML' appear. Click to add the application.

  2. On the next screen, give the application a label, such as 'Statuspage Viewers' and copy and paste the ACS Url and Entity ID from Statuspage into the designated fields. 'Application Visibility' is up to you and not required for the integration.

  3. While the app has been created, setup is not complete just yet. Okta optionally allows you to add users to the app in this step, although adding users can also be done after the fact.

  4. After clicking 'Done,' you'll need to head into the new app, 'Sign On', and click the View Setup Instructions button. This will open a new tab will of the information needed to paste back into the Statuspage SSO setup page.

Completing The Setup

  1. Scroll down to Step 4 within the new tab. Copy and paste the SSO Target URL and Certificate into your Statuspage Settings page within Statuspage. Be sure to include the BEGIN header and END footer.

  2. If you didn't assign users to the app previously, now's the time. Within Okta, you can either assign individual people or groups of users to the application. These users will be able to authenticate to view the status page and subscribe to updates. They will not have access to manage the status page itself.

Congratulations! You have just enabled Employee Viewership Single Sign-on for your Statuspage account.