Step 1

Log in to your Librato account and Navigate to Integrations.

Step 1a

Click API Tokens.

Step 1b

Generate a new API token.

Enter a Name, select View Only, and click Generate.

Copy the API Token.

Step 2

Log in to your Statuspage account and navigate to System Metrics > Linked Accounts. Select Librato, fill in your email, new API token, and click Link Account.

Step 2

Step 3

Navigate to System Metrics > Active Metrics and click 'Add a Metric'. You may need to take a look back into Librato to search for the metric you are looking for. Select Librato and add in your metric name, Display Name, and Display Suffix.

Step 4

Look at puppies while your Librato metric backfills.

Step 5

Edit your metric to your satisfaction and make sure to set it to visible on your page.

Step 6

Check out your page to see your new metric.