The basics

The Statuspage management interface has a new, simplified look. These changes apply only to the management portal you use to control your status page. The customer view of your status page won’t be affected at all.

When will users be switched?

We'll automatically be moving users to the new experience over the coming weeks. After approximately October 24th 2019, all users will be in the new experience without the ability to switch back to the old view.


What has changed?

Incidents screen

You’ll land on the incidents screen when you open the Statuspage management interface, just like before. Everything just has a fresh “coat of paint” to look and feel more like the other Atlassian products. Quickly view incidents, create new ones, and make incident updates the same way you did before.


The new Statuspage has a better navigation experience with the use of secondary navigation items and a new section to configure and customize your page.

Your page

Click Your page to see a secondary menu with sections relevant to customizing your status page. This section is where you can: customize your page and emails, view and change your page info, view or add system metrics, switch to a new page type, and view your activity log.

Team members

Team members is now called User management. Click on your avatar in the bottom left of your screen to see all your profile and settings options in the menu that appears.

Profile menu

In addition to User management, there are other items in your new profile and settings menu. Access your profile via your avatar in the bottom left of your screen to make changes to your basic information and notification preferences for your status pages.


Switching back?

For a limited time, you can switch back to the old experience by clicking your avatar in the bottom left of your screen and See the old view.

A dialogue will appear to ask you for feedback if you choose to provide any. Click Go and your page will refresh to display the old Statuspage experience.

Switch to the new experience again by clicking the Try the new Statuspage! link at the top of your Statuspage screen.

We’d love your feedback! Questions, concerns, comments, and suggestions are welcome and you can share with us by clicking on the feedback button in the bottom left corner of your screen.