When your site is down and you're updating your status page, you don't want to be laboring over what to name an incident and what the message should say. You can now create incident templates to use as a starting point for creating incidents. Once you've created templates, you'll be able to choose from your templates on creation of the incident as seen below.

Incident templates consist of a name and message that can be used at a later time to pre-fill the name and message fields when creating an incident.

The best way to effectively use incident templates is to create templates from common incidents. For example, if you know your email provider has an outage every few weeks, it would make sense to create an incident template around that.

Creating Incident Templates

On the Incidents page in the Incident Templates tab, click New Incident Template.

New Incident Template

Using Incident Templates

Incident templates can be used in just a few clicks when creating a new incident.

Using Incident Template