Access Control allows for end user specific status pages and notifications. At a high level, the feature lets you filter data on the status page based on permissions setup ahead of time for different groups of users. Check out the Access Control Example article to see how this works.

Here are few examples where Access Control can help out:

  • Customer instances are hosted on single tenant infrastructure
  • Customers are grouped together on clusters or shards
  • Internal employees need individual accesses to view a private, internal status page

To get Access Control enabled for your account, please email

Helpful Terms
  • Page Access User - an end user to the status page who can authenticate to view the page and subscribe to notifications.

  • Page Access Group - a group of page access users that have the same permissions when viewing the page. Page access users can belong to multiple groups.

  • Component - a specific service, server, or shard that is relevant to a given user such as ‘EC2-US-WEST-2'.

  • Component Group - a group of components, often based on region, product, or department.

Creating Components

To start off, you should first create the components you would like to associate page access groups with. To do this, log in to your Team Member account and navigate to Components. You can always add or delete components in the future as well.

For this example, we’ll keep things simple and pretend we have 2 customers, each on separate shards, with a global API component as well: Shard 1, Shard 2, and API.

Create Components

Once you've created a few components, you'll need to activate Component Subscriptions.

Component Subscriptions

Access Control Setup

Creating Groups

With Access Control enabled, navigate to the Access Control tab.

Access Control

Within Access Control, create your first Group. For this example, we'll pretend we have a customer, Acme Enterprise Co., that should be granted access to Server 1 component and the global API component.

Create Group

Add users to the group

With your group created, you can now add members to the group. All members will automatically inherit group access permissions.

Create User

Assign User To Group

Password Creation

Upon creation of a user, the user will receive an email notification with a unique link to create a password in order to view the status page.

Email Password

Create Password

Viewing the status page

Once the user's credentials are in place, they'll be able to authenticate view the status page.

View Page

The user will only see and be able to subscribe to components based off of their group's permissions.


Page Access User API

The API allows for full CRUD functionality around Page Access Groups and Page Access Users.

Check out the Page Access User API here.