Statuspage allows you to modify the look and feel of your notification emails. This enhances brand recognition.


The colors shown on the colors tab within the Customize section for your page control both the colors of your page and the colors used within notification emails. The screen shot below shows which colors affect each part of the email.

Looking beyond the option to add brand colors, Statuspage allows you to customize the logo, From and Reply-to address and the email footer. These settings can be updated on the Customize Email tab within the Customize section.


A logo can be added by dragging an image file into the logo upload window, or by selecting it using the Upload Image button. Without a logo, the name of the status page will be shown instead.

For best results the suggested sizes for email logos are 320x100 and 640x200.

Email Customization

Custom Email Addresses

Updating the From email address here will require adding records to your DNS to be able to send emails with the chosen email address. Once a custom From address has been added and the Email Customizations are saved, a yellow banner will appear that contains a direct link to the DNS Config tab within the Manage Account section of your page. This section will contain the details for the DNS records that need to be created. For more information please review our Domain Ownership article.

To set a sender name, input the name and email in this format:

Jack Sparrow <>

Adding a Reply To email address will ensure that any replies to Notification emails are sent to a predefined address. While some cusotmers use a others add a support email address in order to ensure the support team receives customer feedback.

Footer Message

The Footer Message field allows you to add a custom footer to all Notification emails. The field supports Common Markdown allowing for a richer experience.

Testing your Customizations

The "Send test email" link next to the "Save email customizations" button, allows you to review your customizations prior to saving them. Clicking the link will bring up a popup screen where the type of Notificaiton email can be selected. The test email will only be sent to the Team Member that clicks the link.