SMS notifications are only sent when an incident/maintenance is created, when an incident/maintenance is resolved, and when a maintenance begins. "Updates" to an incident or maintenance do not trigger SMS notifications. Email notifications however, are sent for all updates (assuming the necessary notifications settings are selected on each update). More info on notification triggers. can send out notifications to your customers via email and SMS.

Enabling Subscribers

Log in to your account and go to the Notifications page. Once there, click the settings tab. Along the right side, you'll see a section where you can customize which subscription types you want to allow. To send email/sms notifications, make sure the necessary settings are enabled.

Head over to the Notifications tab and click the "settings" icon > select Settings.

Enable Subscribers

You can configure which Notification Delivery Types and which Subscription Types are enabled on the next screen. Notification Delivery Types

Email Subscription Process

Warning: Using a Distribution List (DL) as a subscriber can result in any of the recipients on the DL effectively unsubscribing everyone else. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to avoid subscribing a Distribution List to your page, and instead, subscribe individual email addresses.

The most common way that your users will subscribe to updates is through the Subscribe to Updates button on your Statuspage.

Step 1

When they subscribe, they will receive an email with a confirmation button. The confirmation link must be clicked in order to receive any notifications; it expires after 90 days.

Once the confirmation link is clicked, the user is taken back to the status page and that's it! As long as they remain a subscriber, they will receive updates when incidents are posted to the page.

Additionally, you can add individual users with the web interface. If you’re on an active (non trial) page, users signed up this way will not receive a confirmation email for their subscription or require any confirmation of their email - they'll start receiving notifications immediately.

You can also add subscribers through the API. When using the Status API, users will receive an email (that expires after 90 days) requesting confirmation. If an authorized team member of an active page using the Manage API adds the user, they will have the option of bypassing email confirmation by passing skip_confirmation_notification with the value true.

Finally, it’s also possible to use a .csv import to subscribe a large number of users. When using this method, an active page will also have the option of bypassing email confirmation.

What Email Notifications Looks Like:

SMS Subscription Process

Your customers can also subscribe to receive SMS notifications for incidents. SMS messages are not charged individually per message - they are included in the cost of your subscription.

U.S. subscribers vs non-U.S. Subscribers

Subscribers with U.S. phone numbers will be subscribed via SMS short-code. This requires confirming the subscription by replying YES to the subscription confirmation message. Subscribers with non-U.S. numbers will be subscribed via long-code, and this does not require confirming the subscription with 'YES'.


What SMS Notifications Looks Like:

SMS Notification

Unsubscribing from SMS Notifications

End-users can unsubscribe from SMS notifications by replying STOP. (Note: some international carriers don't play nice with sending "STOP" messages, which may require those numbers to be unsubscribed through the UI by a Statuspage admin/team member).

Unsubscribing from Email Notifications

End-users can unsubscribe from Email notifications by clicking Unsubscribe on the email (this is only for pages that do not have Component Subscriptions enabled). For pages that do have Component Subscriptions enabled, the subscriber needs to click the 'Manage Subscriptions' link in an email notification and then fully opt-out of all component subscriptions on the following screen.