You can edit your billing info such as the invoice recipient and custom invoice information by going to Manage Account > Billing Info.

Set Invoice Recipient

For customers on monthly subscriptions, we can send your invoices/billing receipts to a designated email address. It's pretty common for customers to set to this to the email address of the person in charge of accounting at their company, but you can set it to any email address you'd like. Here's how...

Click the drop-down in the top right and select Manage Account > Billing Info > View Billing History.

billing info

Click the "settings" gear button in the top right and select Update Invoice Recipient.

Input the email address you want your invoices to be sent to and click Save Changes.

Now all of your invoices will be emailed to that email address.

Add Custom Invoice Information

Some customers require a VAT number, billing address, or other details on their invoices. To add custom information to your invoices, click Add Custom Invoice Info.

Enter your information and click Save Changes