Transfer your existing status page with SSL

If you're looking to transfer your existing status page into, and it is already SSL enabled, we'll first need to add you to our SSL infrastructure before you do the switch. Doing this requires a simple HTML snippet to be added to your page so that our SSL certificate issuer can validate that you've given us permission to serve your site over SSL.

Step 1

In the <head> section of your site, add the following HTML snippet alongside the rest of the meta tags.

<meta name="globalsign-domain-verification" content="jMsfkTQm-DYLtrX0PQ4Vp1chE1FCqtqCX_Ea1lNK6E" />

Step 2

Simply notify your support person when you've added the snippet, and we can kick off the SSL verification process. This process only takes a few minutes, and then you'll be ready to transfer your status page over to us.